Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting Customers

A conversation from our new Gaming Center - FunTantra

Customer:'Awesome place! Can I buy that gaming system from here?'
Rubal : 'Yup'
Cust : What's the cost of that system?
Rubal: That's a PS3 with move, its around Rs 23k
Cust: Will I get a LCD with that? (pointing towards the 90k Full HD 50" screen)
Rubal: No, you can attach it to your own TV.
Cust: Oh, okay. Will I get that wheel with it? (Pointing towards the force feedback simulation racing wheel)
Rubal : No, sir - thats a separate accessory.
Cust: Oh, then what will I get for Rs 23k ??
Rubal : You will get the PS3 console with Move controller
Cust: What's a console ?
Rubal(Now getting frustrated) : Its that thing you put a game CD in.
Cust : oh Okay! Then can I put it in my own DVD Player ? I mean I put DVDs in it all the time.

And that was the last time Rubal visited FunTantra.