Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 2 – Driving Around – there’s Russian everywhere

Driving is a pleasure in Goa, the roads are narrow, but they are rarely overcrowded. You would see a white male trying to balance himself on a bike every 20 meters and an odd gal riding a heavy Enfield comfortably. We got a Honda scooter outside the hotel for Rs 200 per day and went to Calungute market looking out for all the restaurants we wanted to eat at. Most of them were closed at 2 PM in the afternoon, Goans are smart and lazy people - Why work 12 hours when you can work 6 ?


We found Infantaria – an all day dining restaurant. Ordered golden fried prawns, and their special pasta. The desert was Bebinca - a 7 layered Goan specialty, which was served with ice cream(thanks Manu for the recommendation). Yummy!



Ate dinner at Kim Faa, a Chinese restaurant – there were loads of Chinese here, which seemed like a good sign. We ate special pepper prawn and Hunan Prawn with gravy and rice. The prawns looked pretty fresh, and the Hunan gravy was spicy, hot and went very well with the rice. Ate desert at East Meets West, a restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet – Lemon Meringue Pie and Sherry Trifle (Sponge, Strawberries Custard and cream).  



One of the things we’ve noticed is all the shops have Russian translation, strange for a city that recently seems to be hating the Russian tourists. Russian’s are pretty stingy I’ve read, bringing their own shrimps and drinks to the restaurant. They have had fights with locals, and lot of them land up here thinking people here know Russian. Some Russians are driving taxies taking business away from the locals.  I also read a story about a BJP leader being angry that Russians are ruining Indian moral’s by dressing in skimpy/no clothes!

However, seems like their business is pretty important for the locals, as they have promptly put up Russian translation signs everywhere. I read in the local newspaper that a local Russian newspaper is doing the rounds too. DSC00235


Shopping was a delight again - I loved a shopkeeper who told us to come back, and that he’d be ready to lower the price of everything. When I smiled, he explained that if he keeps a fixed price, people are not that happy, as they are, when they have negotiated a good price!


  1. SO what did you buy from the enterprising guy?

  2. All the pics of the desserts make me hungry!!

    Bon Apetite!

  3. Now I strongly feel I got married little early.........

  4. Manu, we bought Shorts.
    Naval, More coming up!
    Mamu, And why is that ? :)