Friday, June 11, 2010

Shararti Bhindi and Dancing Chana Baby!

In the movie French Kiss Meg Ryan says - “everybody loves their mother. Even people who hate their mothers love their mothers.”

This morning Rubal was chuckling reading a message from my Mom - “Shararti Bhindi, Dancing Chana Baby, Murg MatWala, Salad and lots of Love”. A few days back it was “Egg on Toast, Cheesy Chips, Salad, Shaky Mango, waiting” and “Mango Pulp, Watermelon Juice and more. See you at the same place”.

My mom who’s a teacher has her summer holidays, and she likes us to come home for lunch. In addition to admiring her new innovative recipes everyday, we crib about how it is difficult to come home everyday for lunch. So Mom sends these messages every day to make sure we don’t get lazy!

The significance of these messages can be understood by my Mom’s reluctance over the years to type messages on the phone. She has always sent us a small messages like -

  1. “God Bless you”
  2. “I love you”
  3. “I have holiday today.”

The third message being the most common, she sent it early in the mornings inviting us to come home for breakfast on her holidays. Most days the message came in good time as I get up pretty late, and you know how parents get up real early. A few times I noticed how the message came in pretty late – 12.30 AM, 1 AM – which was a shock considering my parents sleep pretty early.

So I asked my mom - “Hey why don’t to message me in the evening, why so late in the night”

She gave me that cheeky smile and said - “Well you see I have the “I have holiday today.” message saved on my phone, and I find it easier to forward it even if its late rather than type a new one!”


  1. hmmmm lots of vegie and fruity stuff. I can convince ur maami now.

  2. I can't have enough of this post !!
    Read it so many times....