Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creepy Collections Management

Creepy Collections Story from yesterday.

Got a call in the morning telling me that my Tata photon broadband bill was due today.
I said - 'I am out today and I'll get it deposited on Monday.'  
The lady said, but then you will have to pay the overdue amount.
I said - 'Well thanks for rubbing it in, I understand. Its okay.' 
So she says - 'I can somebody to collect the payment, when will you be back'. 
I told her - 'In the evening.'
So she says - 'Okay, our guy will be there at 5 PM'. 

5 PM, I was still out, so got another call. 'Sir, are you back'. 
I told her - 'Nope, I am still out. I will get the bill deposited on Monday.' 
'Okay, Sir but the bill is due today'
I said - 'Hey - I understand that, I've paid all my bills on time. I don't have time today, I'll pay the overdue amount as well. Please stop bugging me, I am having lunch'
She says - 'I am sorry sir, but where are you having lunch?'
'At Nandos'
'Alright I will send somebody to collect the payment from there. Just give me the address' 

I gave the address, and said - 'I'll eat my lunch and leave'. I was in the center of Chandigarh, and Tata's office that I dealt with was in Mohali, a fair distance. Crazy lady - I thought. 
However - In 5 MINUTES there was a guy outside the restaurant ready to collect the payment.

I gave a cheque to be safe, and when the lady called again to confirm - I told her if we ever hire somebody for collections management, she'd be the first person we ask!


  1. hey..... be happy... if i were u i would have treated myself with a nice dessert again for the money i saved !!

  2. I don't know how I missed this before...I'm reading this in office and laughing out loud!!