Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Left and Rights

I recently saw a girl playing bowling at FunTantra and struggling. I thought of guiding her and told her to raise her RIGHT hand. She looked back at me with a confused look and said - "This one or this one ?"

Something like this does not amaze me, as Rubal, who is one of the smartest people I know amuses me with her inability to distinguish between left and right so often. She'd solve the most complicated puzzles and when I ask her to turn right in the car - she'd look back with anger and say - "WHICH SIDE?! Your side or my side ?!"

One of the favorite incidents related to this is from my friend Kuldeep. He was out shopping with Rubal and Tina and when they were walking out of the store Kuldeep told them we are going 'Right' next.

As soon as they walked out a shocked Kuldeep saw that he was alone and the two girls were walking in the opposite direction. Confused for a moment and double checking the direction - he concluded it was the left and rights dilemma. The girls in their own innocent minds were mad at Kuldeep for telling them to go right and then going in the wrong direction!

Another incident from last year was when Rubal and I were driving to Tina's house. I asked Tina for directions from the main road and she said - "Take two rights and then a left, its very easy".

So I did that and landed up in some village.

Then I called Tina again and she said 'let me explain it to Rubal'. She told Rubal "Take two rights and then a left, its very easy". So Rubal guided me the rest of the way and surely enough after two left turns and one right turn we reached Tina's place!


  1. Once when we went for rappling at Soghi. Tthe instructor was mad at me. Everytime he told me to lift the right foot I would lift the left one. He yelled uff!! you dont understand right and left :)
    I guess I don't ;) What I knew only gals can understand