Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things I Enjoy - May 2011

  • I enjoy playing FIFA 11 (the more people the better, louder people, even better), as long as I am winning.
  • I enjoy tracking a shipment after I have ordered something. Multiple times. Every hour.
  • I enjoy walks with Rubal. I enjoy how she insists on an extra round in the park whenever I say - "Let's go", and then goes back and says "That was one round too many, ooh my legs hurt"
  • I enjoy staying in Taj Hotels , love the breakfast.
  • I enjoy watching House MD, White Collar, Dexter(I sometimes read a part of the story on Wikipedia to make it easier on my nerves)
  • I enjoy playing Foosball with friends.
  • I enjoy spending time with my iPad, installing 10 apps in a stretch, and then being delighted on discovering them weeks later.
  • I enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people, listening to new languages. They make me smile.
  • I enjoy traveling in the train. I love the Shatabdi breakfast.
  • I enjoy dinner conversations with my friends
  • I enjoy new restaurants
  • I enjoy eating Masala Omelette and Corn and Spinach Quiche at BackPackers
  • I enjoy eating Keema at Pal Dhaba
  • I enjoy giving surprise gifts to people
  • I enjoy gifting things to myself
  • I enjoy reading, non fiction mostly. Anything and everything from which I learn something new.
  • I enjoy eating Gobi ke Paranthe and all the innovative deserts at Mom's. I enjoy he she comes up with an impromptu name for the deserts, and how Dad cant help dissecting the ingredients (which are often left overs he knows about, and we don't).
  • I enjoy discussing cricket with my Dad. I enjoy how he coolly acts as though nothing surprises him when I tell him about a match and gets all excited when he is telling me about a match.
  • I enjoy buying travel books. I probably have more travel books than a small book store.

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